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Etiquette is essential for the proper study of any martial art and without it our efforts become meaningless. Self-discipline, mutual trust and respect for instructors and fellow students are essential for safe practice and development. In Bugeisha Aikido we believe that true and sincere etiquette (i.e. how you conduct yourself) is the ultimate form of self-defence. By this we mean that the way you conduct yourself off the mat is an expression of who you are and this is in turn a measure of your development on the mat.


The following outlines our club rules around personal conduct. They are not onerous, but they are an essential part of how we interact in the dojo.


Bowing is not a common western form etiquette outside of formal occasions or certain religious ceremonies, so the following is a brief explanation as to why we bow in the dojo.


Without Ukemi there is no proper study of Aikido. It’s so important that there has to be a consistent approach to it both for the person doing the throw or lock (Nage) and the person receiving the throw or lock (Uke). The following outlines our club rules around Ukemi.


The following outlines our club rules around the dress code


The following outlines our club rules around Personal Conduct


The following outlines our club rules around the use of weapons

Maintaining Etiquette

The following outlines our club rules around Maintaining Etiquette 

Just 3 reasons to join us



Initially you will learn how to defend yourself if you need to and to do this by causing the minimum damage to your attacker necessary to preserve yourself. As you progress in your studies you will develop the ability to not only defend yourself but also to preserve your friends, family and if necessary, those who cannot defend themselves. The ultimate goal of Aikido is to develop your ability to where, if the situation allows, you are capable of neutralising and preserving the attacker.


The word community can be defined as ‘the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common’. First and foremost, our desire is that you will quickly realise that you are joining a welcoming, supportive, and friendly group of people. A group of people drawn from all walks of life, both male and female and a wide range of ages. What unites us is a shared passion for studying the martial art and a desire to grow in our understanding together.


Joining Bugeisha Aikido Club and studying Aikido offers a holistic approach to well-being everyone can benefit from. This happens through a blend of physical fitness, increased clarity around conflict, enhanced confidence, and a deeper understanding of your body’s capabilities.


There is no question that studying a martial art can be frustrating at times and for most people it does not come easy. But if something isn’t challenging then perhaps it’s not worth studying. We firmly believe that the rewards from studying Aikido are numerous and well worth the sacrifice in time and effort to train. A few rewards to consider are the joy of mastering new skills, the fun of training together with like-minded people, and the satisfaction gained from finding your way of doing the techniques taking into account your experience and capabilities.

A few kind words

What our members say

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I joined Bugeisha Aikido Club 6 months ago. They are a really nice welcoming bunch and have helped me build confidence while learning aikido. It's not just been about learning a technique, it's been about learning how a technique and movement works for me and my size/shape and building that confidence up.
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Great place to learn art of aikido, no matter how advanced or how fresh you are. All instructors are very friendly and helpful. Atmosphere is also very relaxed which helps people to master art of aikido in their own pace. Highly recommended!
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This is a club for adults of all ages. Newbies or Experts. Founders have cultivated a very humble, approachable and welcoming attitude which the current instructors follow passionately. This has helped in building a good community of present and past students. There are occasional full day sunday classes where couple of different clubs scattered around different parts of uk join and practice together, which helps to get a deeper understanding of Aikido. Will definitely recommend anyone who wants to give a try.