Bugeishi Aikido

Dress Code

  1. To ensure the safety of all who train jewellery can not be worn during training.  The exception to this is smooth surfaced wedding bands which cannot be removed easily.  Jewellery can be easily damaged during training and more importantly jewellery can cause unnecessary injuries.
  2. Always make sure that you train in a clean white gi.  Hygiene is extremely important in any activity involving physical exertion.
  3. Your gi must be correctly worn at all times and belt correctly tied.  In Bugeisha Aikido we do not have strict dress codes with regard to the type of gi to be worn.  However, this is a Japanese martial art and to maintain the spirit of the art only white judo, karate, aikido gis may be worn.  For safety reasons belts must be secured correctly.
  4. The only exception to the above is a Taekwondo gi which may be worn by ladies where they do not feel comfortable wearing one of the previous three types of gi. All women are to wear a white t-shirt under their gi, unless they are wearing a taekwondo style top.
  5. The hakama is one of the symbols of an aikidoka and adds a dimension to the training which all dan-grades need to be aware of. Wearing a hakama is encouraged for all and owning one is a choice for kyu-grades but compulsory for dan-grades.

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