Bugeishi Aikido

Will Nicholas

I started training with Don Deacy and the Bugeisha Aikido Club in 2003, gaining the level of 3rd dan in 2016. Choosing an instructor who resonates with you is very important as this will enable you to train consistently and gain the most from your efforts. Training consistently increases our humility and strength of character, and by doing this we become well-balanced and confident human beings.

Like many people who come to aikido later in life, I have trained in other martial arts (judo and karate) and was lucky enough to meet some exceptional teachers along the way. For me, aikido treads a middle path, encompassing aspects of both softer and harder martial arts without emphasising either. This has allowed me to express my own experience and individuality, whilst learning to apply the core principles of Bugeisha Aikido.

If we approach our training wholeheartedly and sincerely, always putting our best efforts forward, always challenging ourselves to keep on learning, then the benefits of aikido will become apparent. Another piece of advice that has always stuck in my mind is that we should aim for what our instructors are aiming at, rather than seeking to copy or become like them.

So that’s it – train hard, be contented and look beyond the obvious, surface stuff!

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