Bugeishi Aikido

Jiten Barot

I started training in Aikido in 1994, after a friend introduced me to it.  I remember watching one of his classes and being fascinated by how Aikido utilised the attacker's momentum against them.  Having briefly trained in other martial arts, which relied upon blocks, kicks and punches; the movement and flow of Aikido really appealed to me.  I started researching Aikido clubs near me and soon joined a class at a local sports centre.

Many years ago my instructor referred to Aikido as “a physical expression of your mental state.”  Through the course of my training I realised that even though it was the self-defence techniques that initially drew me to the martial art, what made me stay was the way in which Aikido also developed mental discipline and one’s spirit.  Through breathing techniques I was able to combine the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Aikido, to ultimately develop myself as a person.  This kind of personal development has benefited many aspects of my daily life, such as: managing anger and anxiety, building confidence and focus, as well as assisting health and fitness.

Our club draws people from many walks of life and various backgrounds.  Those that tend to stay appreciate the deeper aspects of Aikido, and the solidarity that is created by the members makes being part of this community all the more pleasurable.

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